Aug 2, 2012

Line Of Sight Vietnam - Download game PC

Line Of Sight Vietnam - Download game PC

Infomation :

  • With its last two games, Deadly Dozen and last year's Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater, developer nFusion proved itself to be exceptionally good at creating solid, reasonably priced tactical shooters. Line of Sight: Vietnam, nFusion's latest title, is something of a step back for what could unofficially be considered a series. It fixes some of the technical problems in Pacific Theater, and though it's certainly not a bad game, Line of Sight: Vietnam isn't as ambitious as Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater, and its environments aren't as interesting.  

Description :

  • Line of Sight: Vietnam traces the career of a deadly U.S. Army sniper in Vietnam! 
  • It's 1968, and you're a sniper in Nha Tong -- your job is to hunt down Vietnamese soldiers and pick them off, one by one.
  • Thick vegetation and fully detailed environments will amaze you, even as they're providing cover - for you AND the enemy
  • Select one of 12 authentic military firearms as you trace enemies through the jungle
  • Be quick, be quiet and be patient -- these are the skills that will keep you alive in the bush
  • Play cooperatively in multiplayer games for even deadlier sniping action!

 System Requirement :

  • Pentium II 550 MHz or faster (Pentium III 900 MHz or faster recommended)
  • 128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM recommended)
  • 650 MB free hard disk space
  • DirectX 9 (included) or higher
  • DirectX 9-compatible 16 MB TNT 2-class video card (32 MB+ Direct 3D-compatible video card recommended)
  • DirectX 9-compatible Windows

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