Aug 26, 2011

Zeit 2 Game PC (PC/FullIso/Eng)

While the secrets of time travel still elude our understanding, reality hasnt stopped this tantalizing concept from appearing in dozens of video games. First person shooters, role playing epics, puzzle platformers, and arcade racers have used time manipulation to fuel creative gameplay mechanics from simple do overs to complex historical changes. In Zeit Squared (written with a superscript 2), the ability to rewind time briefly is just one of the various mechanics that make this shoot em up uniquely challenging.
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The typical goals of shoot everything and dodge a million bullets are downplayed in favor of being frugal with projectiles, choosing how and when to eliminate certain enemies, and boosting your score and destructive power by interacting with your own time shadow. It may take some time to fully grasp all the mechanics at work in Zeit Squared, but once you do, fulfilling the many challenges and striving for leaderboard greatness become an engaging trial. And with plenty of different modes offering distinct twists on the core action, this refreshing and satisfying shoot em up has a lot to offer.
You control your small shining ship as you fly steadily to the right, surrounded by a blue bubble that serves as your shield. The size of this shield is dependent on where your health is on a scale of 0 200 percent; the healthier you are, the bigger your shield. While projectiles only harm you if they hit your actual ship, any enemy that collides with the shield explodes and damages you. You die when your health is depleted, but enemy projectiles and collisions arent the only way to lose health. Most enemies glow blue, and whenever a glowing enemy flies past you and out of the screen, you lose health. Firing your main gun also drains your health, but killing enemies returns some health to you. Managing the ebb and flow of your health is one of the biggest challenges in Zeit Squared. Letting enemies slip by you and shooting constantly drains your health very quickly, while maneuvering nimbly to target and blast your glowing foes is the best way to keep your health up.
Most of your enemies, with a few notable exceptions, do not actually shoot projectiles. They merely fly at their own pace in the opposite direction of your ship (or straight at your ship, depending on their behavior). Killing them earns you points, and earning a high score is one of the main goals in Zeit Squared. Destroying consecutive enemies increases your score multiplier, but if you let any enemy escape you, your multiplier takes a hit whether they were glowing or not. As you struggle for health and points, you begin to understand the core challenges of Zeit Squared. Moving around the screen and blasting frequently is an effective way to kill enemies, but the health you waste through prolific shooting may or may not be offset by the health you gain from killing enemies and collecting the occasional health power ups they drop. You only need to kill the glowing enemies to stay healthy, but if you let the non glowing ones slip by, your score suffers for it. The common shoot em up challenge of dodging everything only crops up when you encounter enemy turrets, mines, or bosses, but these threats appear in less than half of the Arcade mode levels. Instead, your goal is to be quick and accurate enough to destroy your enemies without jettisoning too much health.…

Os : Windows XP/Vista/Win 7
Processor : CPU Pentium IV 2.13 Ghz Intel Core2Duo Or higher
Memory : 2 GB of RAM
Video Card : Geforce 79XX or higher with DirectX 9.0c (256 MB VRAM, VGA resolution)
DirecX : DirectX 9.0c
HDD : 2 GB free Drive Space



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